Born in the Swiss Alps with one singular goal – On has set out to revolutionize the sensation of running, and not only have they created a unique and eye-catching shoe, but they have likely (in my opinion) changed the face of the running shoe forever.

Now, for those that know me, they will know that I am not a huge runner, but I love to walk, and On not only feels like walking on a cloud but I feel kinda stylish too, while I am at it!

On’s idea of productively converting energy to essentially allow runners to “run faster with the same effort” is the core element behind every shoe that they produce – and this creation is called The On Speedboard.

The Speedboard works hand-in-hand with the Cloudtec technology that is utilised to provide cushioning while running and is moulded from a thermoplastic polymer called Pebax®.

The Speedboard itself has been designed for speed – and velocity, with a super lightweight material, but also keeping the shoe tight on the foot and maximising forward movement.

The foot in the shoe itself moves more naturally, and the feeling of actually wearing shoes is reduced. I love the fact the shoe also steps away from tricky laces which can come undone while you are exercising and instead boasts a really nifty elasticated tie, which moves with the foot.

Initially, the shoe felt quite tight when I wore it, but the feeling of the shoe melding with the foot became noticeable after wearing them a few times, and now I have to say that I am loving my daily walks, it is literally like ‘walking on a cloud’.

I selected the Cloud Terry – Ladies Running shoes which come in two shades of grey mixed with white and I love them! I think they also make a great fashion shoe as well, and will certainly be wearing these for busy days when I am running errands and the like.

On’s philosophy is one of creating shoes that are ergonomic, but big on energy return and take-off, and this is clear to see having only just worn mine a few times, they are just so comfy!

Since the introduction of On running shoes to the South African market, hundreds of runners have had the chance to experience what sets On running shoes apart from their competitors, and any sports enthusiast knows that choosing the right running shoes can have a huge impact on not only your training but your performance and post-run recovery too. Their shoes come in a great variety of colours and styles and make a fabulous addition to any exercise enthusiasts collection.

On is stocked in South Africa by Tifosi, who has been around since 2010 and take great pride in their shoes and apparel, speaking to a diverse group of runners and sporting enthusiasts.

Find out more about On, on the Tifosi Sports Website – HERE…

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