Daniel Baron has never been afraid to push his musical approach to the limits. The singer has famously topped charts in different musical genres and hasn’t been afraid to defy the laws of pop music with his material. Now, as he continues to push boundaries with his music, Daniel drops his edgiest track yet as he releases his new single ‘Twisted’.

‘Twisted’ serves as the next single off Baron’s forthcoming album ‘City Of God & The Jungle Below’ – a project the star has been working hard on over the past few years.

The single samples Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’ – a musical piece Baron has always found to be rather spine-chilling. “Although they’re beautiful, I’ve always thought some of Beethoven’s melodies to be somewhat creepy – like something you’d find in a horror film. It just felt so ironically-fitting to put these kinds of graphic lyrics alongside a melody of that sort because it’s so dainty, yet so psychotic at the same time,” Daniel explains adding that creating this track was a newfound experience for him. “I’ve never sampled any previously released music before so, with this being the first time for me and a massive moment as a producer, I guess there’s no better way than to go big and sample a melody that was written by one of the greatest composers of all-time.”

Daniel wanted to use this sample in a way which amplifies the lyrical content of the track as he expands on the notion that not everyone’s symphony is as clean-cut as Beethoven and that every person has different layers to their artistry, life experience and approach.

“Once I had produced the instrumental and beat of this track, I lived with it for a while and then suddenly, when I revisited the track, the lyrics and melodies started pouring out of me,” Daniel says. The star continues adding that lyrically, the song could mean something different to each person, and that’s where the magic lies. “In all honestly I didn’t really know what this song was about at first,” he explains. “But I realised that the song could be open to different interpretations. I believe that there’s a twisted crazy (not necessarily bad or evil) side to most of us – and it’s alright to be a bit crazy or different.”

Sonically, ‘Twisted’ sits at a comfortable space between the pop and hip-hop genres to create a listening experience like no other. With three very different singles already released, Daniel’s upcoming record is set to be one of the most unique projects of the year.

‘Twisted’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now HERE…

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