After the resounding success of her catchy single Over You earlier in the year and her debut single Me & Myself last July, the vivacious 19-year-old has been back in the studio recording her next single Télos (Done With You) which released across digital platforms on Friday 28 August.

Marianthe brought her dynamic songwriting team of industry greats Tjaart van der Walt and Matthew Marinus, together again to pen this fun pop, dance-party style track, written in both English and Greek.

She gives more insight into the track; “Télos (Done With You) is about having the power to leave behind someone who is messing you around and treating you like a game. I wanted to write about this type of situation, but for it not to be in a “sappy and heart-breaking” manner. I wanted the song to be fun and have a dance-party vibe to it because moving on from this situation should make you feel in control and powerful.”

She continues; “This song is written in Greek and English and that is so special to me because it is showcasing my heritage which I am so proud of. I wanted this to be different from my previous songs, ‘Me & Myself’ and ‘Over You’, by infusing my heritage in a way that makes it possible for everyone to enjoy.”

Essentially, the Greek lyrics in the song perfectly capture the “no-care” attitude of leaving this person who’s messed you around behind with the translation being, “I’ll show you what I got. I will forget you. My life is one big party without you in it. I’m done with you and I’m not sorry. Who do you think you are.”

It was important to Marianthe to add in the special feature of the Bouzouki – which is a famous traditional Greek 8-stringed guitar that has been part of Greek cultural music for decades. She was thrilled to be able to have Savvas Hajiphilippou (a grade 11 from Saheti School) join her in the studio and record this instrument, adding a unique element to the track.
She wanted to capture the pop culture of English music as well as influence her Greek roots in the lyrics and instrumentation.

The timing of the single release was also important to her because it also serves as a kind of ‘farewell’ tribute to South Africa and a ‘thank you’ for all who have supported her thus far on her incredible journey.

Marianthe re-located to London in August 2020 to start an exciting new chapter in her career. In September, she begins her studies at the prestigious Arts Educational Schools (known as ArtsEd) in London as part of a 3-year BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Course. ArtsEd is ranked the top Musical Theatre College in London and is funded by Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber.

‘Télos (Done With You)’ is available now across all major digital platforms HERE…

Marianthe headed into Howard Audio Studios to record her music video of Télos (Done With You) to accompany the single release.

‘Télos (Done With You)’ Official Music Video:

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