A year ago disgraced financier and sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein was found hanged in his jail cell, and now Lifetime (DStv131) reveals the horrifying truth of his three-decade reign of abuse, through the eyes of the survivors: some of whom are speaking here for the first time.

The four-hour documentary series, Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, due to premiere on Lifetime (DStv131) on 7 September at 8.05 pm divulges the full extent of the international sex trafficking network devised by the reclusive billionaire to feed his sexual cravings. In addition, it reveals how he used his connections with the rich and powerful to evade detection and prosecution.

Airing over two weeks on Monday 7 September and Monday 14 September, from 8:05 pm – 9.55 pm, the series provides a platform for the courageous survivors of Epstein’s systematic abuse to share their stories as we gain unparalleled insight into one of the most talked-about and widespread abuse scandals in history.

With testimonies from attorneys on both sides of the case, psychologists and expert journalists offering a comprehensive view of the case of Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged global human trafficking network for the rich and powerful.

Contributors include survivors Rachel Benavidez, Jena Lisa Jones, Kiki Doe, Courtney Wild, Chauntae Davies, Teresa Helm, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Marijke Chartouni as wel as acquaintances and former friends of Epstein.

The first two parts of the documentary series detail the survivors’ stories of the mysterious billionaire who lured them, as young teenagers, to his home through an elaborate series of female recruiters they thought they could trust.

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