Kayleigh Bell releases her new single ‘What Happened to Yesterday’, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon Shaban at Sit the Folk Down studio.

What Happened to Yesterday is a song about the emotional turmoil of ending a relationship that you so desperately wanted to work out, knowing that it was not meant to be.

“I wrote the song in 2015, inspired by my first love” she says. “I was battling my emotions, trying to decide if the hurt was worth the little moments of happiness. Should I end the relationship, or should I hold on, and try to make it work, while clinging to that tiny spark of hope.”

“There were days when things were perfect, and everything felt right. But those days were outnumbered by the times that left me feeling hopeless and confused.” Through writing this song, Kayleigh realized that it’s just not worth holding on to something that isn’t working, even if it was a happy relationship once.
“Life is hard. You don’t have to make it harder by being with someone who belittles and makes you doubt yourself. This song bought me closure. I knew I was worth more than that.”

Kayleigh Bell, the new kid on the block on the Cape Town music scene, hails from the Eastern Cape where she has been making waves with her indie/acoustic singer-songwriter music for some years. Kayleigh has always had a knack for music. She started playing the piano by ear from the age of 5.

While in high school, Kayleigh saved money through odd jobs and babysitting, to buy a guitar. She taught herself how to play it and performed her originals for friends. She did not venture into performing for the public until a friend convinced her to step on stage at an “open mic night.” That marked the start of her journey, as invitations to perform at various events and concerts flooded in.

She arrived in Cape Town in January 2019 to take up a position in Data Analysis, and launched herself into the Cape Town music scene, gaining traction as a refreshing act, especially with her originals. Her live performances have been described as “honest, raw, gritty, and catchy”.

The indie songwriter’s inspiration comes from a place of vulnerability, clearly based on personal experience. The distinctive style of performers like Birdy, Florence Welsh, Billie Martin, and Adele has been a huge influence, helping to pave her way as a performer.

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