Amy Tjasink is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-talented musician from Cape Town, South Africa. Her first single since being a top 7 finalist on The Voice South Africa was heard across radio stations nationwide. ‘Spiderman Kiss’ was also picked up by all major streaming platforms who featured the song on their playlists. It is currently sitting over 30 000 streams.

In September 2019 Amy was invited to the International High Coast Songwriting Camp in Sweden where she worked alongside some of the most renowned songwriters in the world, Laurell Barker from Canada, Selen Özan from Sweden & Alex Pavelich from Norway. The incomprehensible talent and experience of the artists in the room dripped from the ceiling, manifesting into Amy’s latest single titled ‘Game Over’.

“I met Amy Tjasink in September 2019 at High Coast Songwriting Camp on a remote island in the very far north of Sweden. I remember feeling immediately drawn to Amy’s incredibly unique voice and magnetic personality. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have her blessing ’Game Over’ which Selen, Pav, and I wrote that week – with her amazing voice.” says Laurell

Being the visionary that Amy is, she closed her eyes and imagined the smooth & encapsulating vocals of an artist that she knew needed to feature on the single, it would be SAMA nominated chart-topper, Jimmy Nevis.

“Loved getting to be creative and connect on a song that makes me feel good. I’ve known Amy for a while and it’s been great to be featured on this project,” says Jimmy

The full-circle moment happened when one of the writers, Laurell Barker had previously worked with Jimmy Nevis, one year prior at a songwriting camp in Greece.

Jimmy Nevis is a household name with his singles ‘7764′, ‘Elephant Shoes’ & ‘Heart Boxing’ breaking records and charts. Needless to mention his latest single ‘Hey Jimmy’ is currently being heard on high rotation on radio stations throughout South Africa

‘Game Over’ is an acoustic-driven love ballad with sassy flair. Jimmy’s signature vocals can be heard in the first verse when the listener is immediately enticed into anticipation. Angelically, Amy’s voice gently caresses the melodic pulse which transcends the listener into a state of nostalgia. Raw emotion is exposed through the truth embedded in the lyrical content while the gentle pulls on the strings of the guitar have your foot tapping.

The song tells the tale of two lovers hoping it’s not the end of their relationship. We’ve all been there, where we’ve hit rock bottom but hold onto any glimmer of hope.

“Working on Game Over has been such an inspiring and educational experience. It has given me a massive insight into the evolving international music industry as well as gifting me friends who I have gone on this journey with,” says Amy

“I have so many stories to tell, melodies to sing and feelings to share, and being on stage gives me that platform and fuels my inspiration and creativity,” says Amy.

Get your copy of ‘Game Over’ HERE…

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