After the incredible success of “Caught Up” which is charting on stations across the country and receiving international exposure, dual-national, singer/songwriter, Josh Middleton becomes one of the youngest acts to enter the Shazam Top 200 as he returns with his new single, “Somebody (Sorry)” the second single from his second studio album titled “A MILD CASE OF INSOMNIA” which will be releasing later this year.

Josh wrote and produced “Somebody (Sorry)” alongside BadFuture’s, Paul Gala, who has worked with many artists to the likes of James Deacon, Tatum, PHFAT and Kyle Watson.

Josh reunited with Canadian videographer, Johannes Schoutsen who has worked on multiple Netflix Original Series and shot Josh’s one-take music video to “Caught Up”. They both delivered a spectacular but simplistic, one-take, continuous music video (yet again) for “Somebody (Sorry)” which was directed by Josh, himself.

“Somebody (Sorry)” is a soulful anthem, with a twist of dark-pop about being human and being alone, but with the mutual feeling of the fact that everyone needs somebody. In the song, Josh apologises for needing love, with the understanding that he is only human. “Everybody’s broken, I don’t need no holding. They just make mistakes and I’m just too good on my own.”

Josh has spent two years writing “Somebody (sorry)” and shares some insight into his journey with writing this beautiful anthemic single:
“It took me close to two years to finish this track. I knew what had to be said, I just didn’t know how to say it. This track has evolved with me as I have grown up, I see things differently now as I once did. It’s a song about being human, everyone needs somebody. I think people blame themselves when they’re alone and I didn’t want to blame myself, why write a negative song about being alone when you can empower someone to embrace themselves as being imperfect?

“I’m sorry that I need love, but I’m only human.” It makes one feel better about themselves if they cast blame onto others, I guess that’s what most teenagers do,
“Everybody’s broken, I don’t need no holding. They just make mistakes and I’m just too good on my own.” I also share this constant stress of being alone, it’s like this weight on my chest.
“The smokes filling up my lungs, I can’t breathe, I’m about to choke.” I start saying multiple times, “Wish you would take me along”, emphasising how much I wish someone would accept me and take me along with them on their journey.

“Josh Middleton – “Somebody (Sorry)” is out 31 July 2020 across all digital platforms

Find out more on Josh’s website, HERE…

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