‘The times they are a-changing’ … and with lockdown they surely have! If you’re tired of lockdown, have reached saturation point with home-based isolation and have been nostalgically dreaming of travelling again, then you should be looking for an alternative area to isolate where you can take a fun and relaxing time-out breather from lockdown.

A staycation at De Hoop Collection, in the beautiful and isolated De Hoop Nature Reserve, offers that alternative – the perfect haven where you – on your own, or with your loved ones can enjoy a private, stress- free, relaxing ‘isolation’ staycation far from the ‘madding crowd’.

De Hoop Collection is offering great Isolation Specials for two to four weeks in their self-catering cottages. De Hoop Collection is a registered and approved Isolation/Business property that adheres to all the corona protocols, so you need not worry about any other human contact.

A comfortable three hour’s drive from Cape Town, the De Hoop Nature Reserve encompasses the ocean, sand dunes, the vlei, rare fynbos plants, diverse antelope, prolific birdlife, the rugged Potberg mountains and the whales, to give a unique outdoor experience like no other.

Designed to suit all budgets, De Hoop Collection’s wide range of accommodation – from affordable four-sleeper self-catering chalets (from R15 000 for a two-week stay), to well-appointed six-sleeper self-catering houses (R24 000 for a two-week stay) both ideal for isolation, it is the perfect place for social distancing and self or family-isolation.

Here, in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, you will be blissfully isolated from the rest of the world – you can watch the roaming eland from the comfort of your bed, you can walk in nature – take a vlei walk, visit the unspoiled Koppie Alleen beach or the Potberg Mountains, home to a colony of endangered Cape vultures, birders can observe wading birds on the shores of the vlei, and pelicans flapping their wings on the horizon, hikers and cyclists can have close-up encounters with bontebok, Cape mountain zebra, eland, baboons and ostrich, you can enjoy a gourmet picnic, and don’t forget the whales – De Hoop is world-renowned as one the best spot for shore-based whale watching in South Africa – or you can simply while away the hours reading. Here you’ll unwind, de-stress, heal and rejuvenate, and if you must work remotely, what better place to do it than here?

Book now and you could be whale watching… breathing in the fresh ocean breeze… admiring the flamingos and cycling past herds of eland and bontebok sooner than you can say, De Hoop!

Terms and conditions apply. Find out more, HERE…

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