First introduced to the public at Rocking the Daisies in 2019, to much curiosity and excitement, today, Chill Beverages International in partnership with CAN DO! officially launch Africa’s First canned water solution: DAY Water.

The partnership between Chill Beverages and CAN DO! is inspired by a mutual recognition to offer a safe and environmentally responsible alternative to single-use plastic.

Appealing to the consciousness of consumers who consider themselves architects of the future – with its slick, minimalistic can design, its presence in the market intends to address the overwhelming and destructive nature of plastic bottles in our environment – the brand’s ‘BUY THE PLANET A DAY’ movement speaks to the redeeming properties of cans as a sustainable packaging choice.

From the moment a can is thrown into the trash, it takes about 60 days for that can to be recycled and repurposed into another usable can. Without the loss of quality and prudent energy practices, this is something that can happen infinitely, making cans the better choice for our environment.

“DAY Water is intended to challenge the way consumers purchase water, to not only think about hydration but also the effects of packaging on the environment. We all have our part to play” says James Shaw, DAY Brand Manager.

The cans of 300ml DAY are R5,99, and are available in stores nationwide, in both still and sparkling variants.

Find out more on their website – HERE…

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