July is comfort month for RADA and the message is simple… we encourage society to give mindful attention to connecting with those around you. We are all faced with difficult situations and feelings at times, by helping others we are able to better manage our own issues.

Make a concerted effort to provide comfort and compassion to your family, your friends, young and old in your community. Comfort is a shelter, a warm blanket, a refuge, a meal. You do not need to do anything extraordinary, just a small act of kindness can make an enormous impact on another’s’ life. A kind word, a smile, a hug, a caring heart, an expression of gratitude, and an open
ear, simple but so effective.

With its dedicated programme, RADA CARE tackles humanitarian issues head-on, creating longlasting support structures that directly serve those in need. RADA hosts soup kitchens in various communities throughout the year, and in 2019 alone they were able to provide 487 752 meals to those in need, thanks to the support of sponsors AGT Foods Africa and KIA Motors SA.

RADA has also embarked on a blanket drive, collecting and distributing blankets to those less fortunate a project aimed at alleviating winter discomfort around the city.

Whether you assist RADA or another NGO, simple actions have deep resonance creating a ripple effect of positivity, allowing compassion to be a healing presence in our world.

Just share what you have to give. Share comfort in immediate ways; stop and listen to another person, read a book with a child, take a moment to call an elderly parent, laugh with a friend, or donate time and resources to help those in need. When it comes to comfort, we just need to be present, that’s it. What most people need when their worlds have fallen apart is to have someone
who cares.

Find out more on their website HERE…

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