Create what you want to eat, and have it delivered at a time that suits you, to your location whether you are working from home, the office or on-site.

Now that a large percentage of the population has returned to work, even if still working from home seasoned restaurateur and consultant Dean Appleton sees a gap in the market for online, safely delivered Lunches.

“How many times do you look at a menu and fancy the chicken salad but just wish it could have no onions & croutons but where is the avo and that dressing is not what I want, I just fancy a vinaigrette,” says Dean, well that is the beauty of Lunch…you choose the base from either a salad, a pulse or from the bakery and you build the perfect meal from there, adding and paying for only the ingredients you would like to eat.

Following on from the successful launch of Nick Pick’s picnics for Father’s Day, Dean is even more convinced that “Online delivery is the way forward and using a ghost/dark kitchens is the most effective way to keep costs realistic, which can be pasted on to the customer. Using only the finest fresh ingredients is a must, I will not compromise”

“Being kind to the environment is also important to me. The packaging used is plants based with a low carbon footprint and is commercially combustible”

“I am staying with the 3rd party partnerships that have already been formed… Mr Yum SA are handling the orders and payments whilst 1fetch couriers provide a professional contactless “waitron” to deliver the meals”

This is the second concept launched under the umbrella of A Moveable Feast.

Check out the menu and more info HERE…

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