Werner Bekker is more than just a composer of songs. He is a songwriter, a lyricist, a poet.

His songs are filled with intention and meaning, a whirlwind of emotions combined to form sonic perfection, and his latest release one such example. ‘To Memory’ is about looking at your actions in retrospect and wishing you could change them.

He explains, “Sometimes we can be real assholes in the moment and as soon as the words come out of your mouth you want to reverse time and make a different decision. It’s quite ironic how these memories still serve a purpose in the long run of a relationship as you learn how the dynamic works.”

Werner Bekker reflects how in one such situation he did not react in an empathetic way towards his significant other, saying “The writing is on the wall and I wish I could get it off or paint over it, but unfortunately the heart is like an oil canvas and changing it takes time to come to light.”

To Memory showcases Bekker’s incredible writing capabilities, with its intense poetic lyrics, alongside his supreme musicianship and vocal prowess. To Memory is a little more upbeat than the singer’s previous releases, a strong folk-pop number which will likely entice new listeners to give way to his more niche titles.

Download and stream the single To Memory HERE…

Feature Pic Credit: Xavier Saer

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