The current pandemic has wrought havoc on the markets and many investors have seen the value of their portfolios plummet. However, times of crisis can also present an opportunity for the astute investor who plays the long game. For those looking for investment avenues that offer growth over time now is the best time to consider investing in diamonds.

“We are currently seeing a situation where diamond prices have dropped because of the Corona Virus outbreak and the limited trade within the diamond industry due to worldwide lockdown restrictions. This presents a unique opportunity for investors to buy low and sell high when the market stabilises – which it surely will – and one thing time has proven is that diamond prices always rise,” says Heidi Wahl, Brand and Marketing Manager of First Diamonds.

“Over the last few years and even during the 2008 economic recession we saw diamond prices rise, and even more so when we look at large stones and natural coloured diamonds.”

According to Wahl, one of the main reasons people choose to invest in diamonds is that they maintain their value over time. “If you buy a diamond and hold on to it for a while, it will almost certainly be worth more when you sell it. The good news is that all diamonds grow in value – this allows you to invest an amount that you are able to afford. Although larger diamonds and naturally coloured diamonds do go up in price a bit faster due to their rarity, all diamond eventually rise in value.”

Some of the other reasons people choose to invest in diamonds are:

• Diamonds offer worldwide liquidity;
• Diamonds are easy to keep and move due to their size;
• Diamonds can be sold for currency anywhere in the world;
• Diamonds have absolutely no maintenance and do not degrade over time;
• Diamonds are a multi-generational investment that can be both enjoyed and passed down from generation to generation, while continuously growing in value.

Those interested in finding out more about investing in diamonds can familiarise themselves with the 4C’s of diamonds by visiting this buyer’s guide – HERE…

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