The seventh annual International #DrinkChenin Day is taking place on Saturday 20th June 2020 – a very special day to celebrate all there is to love about this popular and versatile white wine.

Welgegund Heritage Wines invite you to explore the delights of their barrel-fermented, beautifully rounded Welgegund Heritage Wines Chenin Blanc 2017 produced from grapes harvested from 46-year old ancient dryland vines. The quality and concentration of the fruit is testament to the character of these magnificent old vines and the estate’s unique fingerprint of terroir and climate.

The Old Vine Project (OVP) is a wine industry organisation established to identify the country’s prized vineyards planted more than 35 years ago. As an essential part of South Africa’s wine heritage, the Welgegund Heritage Chenin Blanc 2017 proudly bears the Old Vine Project Heritage Certification Seal – a World First!

Older vines typically produce wines of deep character, reflecting their years of struggle and sense of place. In a modern world of mass production, the distinctive personality of these old vine wines is a reassuring and comforting reminder that the history of the Cape wine industry is being well looked after by the Old Vine Project and the likes of Welgegund Heritage Wines.

Serving Suggestions: Extremely food-friendly, it is a great companion to line fish, calamari, lobster, mussels and lemon butter prawns. Also excellent with roast duck and game birds. The wine does, however, have sufficient structure to pair well with lamb and pork. Also lovely with soft white cheese.

A proud recipient of 2018 Top 100 SA Wines status as well as Double Platinum, this award-winning wine is available from the cellar as well as select wine merchants.

Find out more on their website – HERE…

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