2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty and anxiety. The Covid-19 virus caused havoc globally forcing country shutdowns and isolation. The chaos however also brought with it a time of reflection and levelling. When you get down to it, a truly humbling experience when you realize we are all the same, just human beings focused on survival. During vulnerable times there really is no distinction when it comes to backgrounds, positions, careers, status and wealth.

For the month of June RADA focuses on family, friends and the elderly. Encouraging society to spend quality time and energy on the things that matter the most. Going back to the very basics and being grateful for the relationships we share with others and celebrating life.

RADA together with Gerald Fitzpatrick House, home to seventy elderly ladies, situated in the Johannesburg CBD host soup kitchens for the community who live in the vicinity. Soup kitchens have become a regular event on both calendars, with the purpose of connecting communities and supporting the less fortunate.

Time spent with loved ones is invaluable and reminds us of how blessed we are. Focus on being kind and forgiving. How we treat others reflects the condition of our own hearts and during difficult times we need to show kindness, compassion, appreciation and love.

Encourage people to reconcile and reconnect with all forms of family and close friends. Focus on building people up and not on breaking them down, be tolerant, respectful and forgiving.

Trying times have an end, there are always silver linings and rainbows of renewal. Sharing quality time with others nurtures unity and strength. It brings with it innovation, inspiration and hope.

How can you help? Become a RADA angel or sponsor Donations – monetary and/or food and resources

For more information, visit their website HERE…

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