Meet the SaxbyTwins, 19-year-old twin brothers from Edenvale, South Africa who have nothing but music on their minds. Kyle Saxby is one minute older than his brother Wayde Saxby, yet in appearance are identical. Earlier this year they released their debut single ‘Falling for You’, which received a warm response countrywide. Now they’re not wasting any time with their brand new follow-up, ‘Don’t Change You’, a bouncy dance-pop sing-a-long about young love and self-image.

In a world that is all about glitz, glam and a constant unrealistic projection of self-image and appearance, ‘Don’t Change You’ is a sobering example to all young people out there, that one should embrace their own beauty and never change for acceptance of another, “True love is about loving someone just the way they are.” Says Wayde.

The twins started dabbling in music around the age of 16, juggling their time between the playing provincial sport, finishing their homework, and writing songs. They are currently studying at Stellenbosch University and both insist on completing their Bcom Management Science degrees.

‘Don’t Change You’ is written by the twins and was produced and mixed by Clint Watts. The initial bedrock beat of the song was created by a friend and producer Alexander Budnoik. When the boys first heard it, they were immediately inspired to develop it into what is now a polished slice of catchy pop paradise. “A lot of hard work goes into recording a song however, we really enjoy the process. The feeling of being in a studio is surreal.” Kyle comments.

The boys have plenty more songs up their sleeves and as they embark on their exciting journey of following their musical dream, the sky is the limit. The SaxbyTwins are most definitely a music group to look out for in the near future.

‘Don’t Change You’ is now available on all major digital music platforms HERE…

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