Yes! Exactly what I need for my bevvies after lockdown! Fitch & Leedes Sugar-Free premium mixers in a can offer less than 1 calorie (4kJ) in a 200ml can and is by far the best way to keep unwanted kilograms at bay without having to deprive yourself of an uplifting G&T.

Coming in at just 5 calories (22kJ) per can, sugar-free Fitch & Leedes Pink Tonic and Bitter Lemon will also help you keep your waistline in check. For complete guilt-free refreshment, drop the gin and opt for a revitalising Fitch & Leedes quarantini mocktail after your morning workout.

These premium mixers offer the same great Fitch & Leedes taste and versatility just without the sugar. Savour the finely balanced, bittersweet blend of the Indian Tonic or step it up a notch with whiffs of floral and cucumber of the Pink Tonic. The refreshing zest of the Bitter Lemon is another timeless classic.

In pursuit of excellence, delicately crafted Fitch & Leedes continues to push the boundaries in terms of product innovation, quality and taste.

Fitch & Leedes Sugar-Free mixers are available at around R48.00 per 6-pack of 200ml cans at leading stores or for purchase online during and after the lockdown – HERE…

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