She is one of South Africa’s leading Environmentalists, owns her very own metal straw company, and heads several women empowerment organizations, including the successful and very popular Crown Me Naturally SA initiative.

Despite an increasingly demanding schedule and the challenges that come with it, Margo Fargo’s passion remains: to bring positive change to both people and the world they inhabit.

Obtaining her Honours in BSC Consumer Sciences in Sustainability was only the first step for Margo towards her goal of truly making a difference, not only locally but on the world stage as well. The dynamic entrepreneur currently focusses primarily on sustainability within the workplace, offering turnkey solutions for big corporate institutions and their employees on how to lower their carbon footprint.

“Many people still think that global warming is a distant problem that doesn’t affect them, when the harsh reality proves differently,” explains Margo. “In Africa, climate change is making it harder to eradicate epidemics such as malaria, with rising temperatures helping mosquitoes spread the deadly disease. At this very moment, malaria kills more than 3,000 children every day, most of them in Africa.”

Known for always sporting her own natural hair, it was no surprise when Margo established Crown Me Naturally SA. This brilliant initiative brings national speakers of diverse backgrounds together to engage in business, health, and natural hair care, and also gives women a safe space to own their true selves and their natural crowns. “

There is something extremely liberating and powerful when a woman steps into herself and accepts who she is and the way she looks,” continues Margo. “Such a woman is simply unstoppable.” Various brands have supported this initiative, such as Shea Moisture, Dark and Lovely, L’Oreal Elvive Cantu, My Natural Hair and Skin Creamery, just to name a few.

At the beginning of 2019, Margo founded her metal straw company, Far_Go Straws, with the intention to provide consumers with plastic-free alternatives when drinking their beverages. Most importantly, to help alleviate the use of single-use plastic straws.

“In our continuous fight against global warming, it’s important to know that each consumer matters. One metal straw saves hundreds of plastic straws being used. This is more than just a straw, it gives each person the opportunity to practice living sustainably by this small action that most definitely has a big impact,” concludes Margo.

Photo Creds: Kevin Mark Pass and Maricka Dos Santos.

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