If anyone knows how to get fit and the top tips to working out – it would have to be Tropika Island of Treasure contestant, Trevor Lagerway – who together with his Team Cool Red partner, Nadia Jaftha are heading to the top of the competition.

Trevor is an athlete, motivational speaker, MC and an entrepreneur at heart. Through The Lagerway, fitness is a big part of his life, so we asked him to share 6 simple wellness tips that you can do from your desk – I for one am not venturing out yet, and prefer to keep isolating and stay at home unless I have to head out for groceries.

1. Try as often as possible to pull in your belly button while sitting at your desk to engage and strengthen your core. This will help support your back too.

2. Every 15 or 20 minutes while sitting at your desk extend one leg at a time out in front of you and roll your ankles clockwise 5 times and anti-clockwise 5 times. Do this on both legs. This will help with blood circulation and loosen up tight ankles and feet.

3. Every hour stand up and take a 1-minute walk; 30 seconds away from your desk and then the 30 seconds back to your desk, making sure you lunge back while twisting your upper body left and right as you lunge.

4. Our feet take way more of a beating than we realise and so a massive release for the body is to roll the underneath of your feet with a hard ball (such as a golf ball). Not only is this therapeutic but it also has a lot of benefits to fascia release and feet tightness.

5. Use the back of your chair for back stretches. Place your hands on the back of your chair with arms straight and head down to stretch through your thoracic spine.

6. Make sure you have a big water bottle at your desk in clear sight (because out of sight is out of mind). Consuming sufficient water throughout the day is vital to eliminate water retention and aid in fat loss. Our bodies are clever and the more we drink the more our bodies will acknowledge that and then not hold onto the water but rather release it. Drinking lots of water also makes you get up from your chair to go to the toilet which is a (forced) good way to keep the body moving!

Be sure to purchase your Tropika and catch Trevor and his Team Cool Red teammate Nadia Jaftha on Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao on SABC3 every Tuesday at 19h30 with the repeat every Saturday at 20h00.

Find out more about Tropika and the series on their website, HERE…

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