What music are you listening to right now? Whatever it is – chances are, you’re not the only one. Listening connects us, sometimes even when we don’t know it.

Every second on Spotify, more than 30,000 people around the world are pressing play on the same song. As part of its new campaign Listening Together that celebrates the power of audio to bring us closer together, Spotify is visualising some of these connections in real-time in a way that has never been done. So when two strangers connect through ‘Imagine,’ or ‘Bored in the House’ – you’ll be able to see where these connections are happening and what track brought them together.

Check out the microsite HERE to see for yourself, where you can explore the connections happening and learn more. The concept started as an experiment in 2014, when a media artist Kyle McDonald, had the idea of finding the “serendipity” of two listeners pressing play on the same song within milliseconds of each other. Fast forward to seven years later, and Spotify has hundreds of millions of listeners around the world.

Whether it’s pop, hip hop, opera or a true-crime podcast, Spotify’s new ’Listening Together’ campaign is inspired by a simple question to help create the human connection: what are you listening to right now?

The global creative campaign highlights the power of audio to bring people closer together in a time when many are feeling apart. Spotify has enlisted the help of artists — like Selena Gomez, Alec Benjamin, Lil Yachty, and more — to share the music and podcasts that are soundtracking their days. Spotify’s new Listening Together playlist features these artists, as well as Kiana Ledé, Alicia Keys, Annita and others sharing commentary about what they are currently listening to.

For all the details, check out Spotify’s blog For the Record, HERE…

Download the Spotify app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to www.spotify.com – to embed Spotify into a website – right-click on any playlist, go to ‘share’ and copy embed code.

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