Last year, newcomer Jeanique had one of the best years of her professional career. Not only was she one of the exciting acts featured in the critically-acclaimed ‘Born To Perform’ stage production, but she also released her debut single ‘Pyramid’, which became a hit on radio stations around the country, as well as follow-up single ‘Forevermore’. Now, the 14-year-old songstress continues to shake up the industry as she teams up with local pop crooner Daniel Baron on a new track titled ‘RubixCube’.

‘RubixCube’ is a fun, catchy and quirky alt-pop tune with a retro-meets-futuristic sound that continues to set the young superstar apart. The song allows Jeanique to effortlessly showcase her vocal ability as she uses her falsetto and hits high notes in a powerful, commanding way.

Lyrically, the single is an anthem of hope and inspires the listener to find inspiration when times get tough. With the impact the Covid-19 coronavirus has had globally, Jeanique feels now is the perfect time to release a song like this. “The song’s strength is in its ability to relate to just about anyone,” Jeanique says. “To me, the song gives me a feeling of hope in these uncertain, chaotic times where the world just seems so dark and cold. This song is the reassurance that we all need to hear – the world will heal and it is powerful to see that we are all coming together to fight this pandemic as a planet.”

While hope is the main premise of the song, Jeanique wanted to bring in something personal into the second verse where she gets candid on young love. “I think it is so common to have crushes but there is only one person that you want to call you in the middle of the night, one person you want to call you beautiful – even though you know that they might not be right for you. I wanted to explore this theme a little bit more and although it seems like two very different directions lyrically, it all comes together in the central theme of hope.

Jeanique reunited with Daniel Baron for ‘RubixCube’ and the duo take their professional chemistry to a new level with this anthem. The two met after Daniel produced her debut single ‘Pyramid’ and with such great creative energy between them, they decided to join forces yet again. This time, however, in a duet. “Working together with Daniel was such a blast. We really get each other and the production process is always so fun,” Jeanique admits. “Daniel is one of my closest friends and such a talented artist and producer. He just gets the music and the style that I want to bring out in my music and he makes it 650% better. I loved working with him on this and can’t wait to work together again sometime in the future.”

With two hit singles already under her belt, Jeanique continues to command attention as she pushes boundaries when it comes to her material. Her expertly thought-out approach to her career and exceptional talent has put her well on the path to superstardom.

‘RubixCube’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it HERE…

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