One of South Africa’s finest recording artists, Karma Luna has just released worldwide, her powerful and emotional performance of Au/Ra’s hit single “Panic Room”.

This beautiful and original version released by Karma Luna and produced by international producer EGGSTA (Eden Michelle) has all listeners intently feeling the intensity of the lyrical content to the song with her evocative vocals. ‘Panic Room’ originally released by American singer Au/Ra in 2018, focuses on the heartache and struggle of anxiety and mental health.

The acoustic rendition was recorded in isolation in Johannesburg, South Africa, where Karma Luna is currently staying safe in lockdown, with a “visualizer” video accompanying the ethereal song of KL singing her version, lying on the kitchen floor in what would be her own “Panic Room” in this global pandemic.

“The meaning of the song instils the feeling of being isolated in a space where one suffers from anxiety and having your thoughts control you, which is a subject close to my heart as this has been a recurring feeling throughout my life. I loved the original and I’m so excited to be releasing my interpretation of the record.” – KL

Karma Luna felt the timing was perfect to release her version of the song in this uncertain period for those who relate to the lyrics as well as those who may not necessarily understand the depth of fear or apprehension anxiety can cause within yourself.

Karma Luna’s acoustic cover of Au/Ra’s Panic Room is available now across all digital platforms HERE…

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