Yay! My absolute ultimate mobile vitamin and mineral IV drip company has been declared an essential service during the current lockdown period and this means that they are able to offer Johannesburg clients access to their exclusive mobile IV Vitamin service.

Upon booking the service, a nurse will be sent directly to your home to administer your chosen vitamin IV drip. It is important to note that their team of highly qualified nurses have been trained in relevant COVID-19 safety protocols outlined by senior healthcare officials, and continue to abide by the stringent regulations set out for all essential services personnel.

While the mobile service is exclusive to the Johannesburg area, there are also some of their epic drips available at Dischem pharmacies around the country, where one of the available drips can be administered to you. Remember to still uphold stringent safety measures upon visiting. This includes regularly using alcohol-based sanitiser, coughing into a flexed arm and maintaining a 1m safety distance from individuals where possible.

Special Note:

Pure Vitamin C – High dose, immune-boosting Vitamin C drips are available at Dischem. The doses range from 10000mg – 25000mg.

Myers Cocktail – Energy enhancement and immune booster. Contains calcium, magnesium, B-Complex & Vitamin C

Full Throttle drip – consists of immune-boosting Myer’s cocktail and 2000mg of glutathione.

Visit their website to find out more and to book HERE…

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