Doing your best to stay off the carbs during lockdown (like me)? Then make sure to stock up on yummy Marbrin Olives from Robertson to cure those between meals munchies – and pay no courier fee during lockdown! You heard me right…

Passionate olive farmer Clive Heymans is an utter treat from start to finish. Not only is he knowledgeable, but he is entertaining as anything and we left reluctantly after being entertained by Clive for close on an hour.

Laughs and fun aside, Clive and his wife have owned and run the farm for 9 years now and this family businesses ships countrywide and is stocked by some of the biggest chain stores in South Africa – so what is their secret?

The Marbrin team extract extra virgin olive oil and process their very own unique range of table olives, olive oils and tapenades. As we know olive oil has great health benefits but learning about the different types of olives and olive oils was a fascinating one and Clive had just popped a fresh loaf of bread out of the oven upon our arrival – there is nothing better than fresh farm bread slathered in oils and tapenades, let me tell you!

Marbrin Olive Farm uses the freshest olives and latest two-phase decanter technology – cold extraction temperatures and stainless steel storage tanks to ensure that their olive oil is chock a block filled with all the good things, no extra additives or nasties.

This little farm is also a multiple awards winner – having taken home gold at the 2011 to 2018 SA Olive Awards and nominated in the ABSA Top 5 and Top 10 Extra Virgin Olive oils in South Africa.

Plus they have received medals in all 3 of their oil categories – Delicate, Medium/Mild and Intense. I would just like to query as to why there is no Tapenade award – their’s was brilliant and I am a tapenade freak!

Tapenades aside, all their products are available in the online store, the White Truffle flavoured olive oil and the Balsamic reduction also knocked my socks off too.

At a time when supporting small businesses is so important, I do urge you to check out Marbrin Olive Farm, and as I mentioned they are waiving all courier fees until the end of lockdown – what a winner!

A: 30 – 39 Robertson Road, Klaasvoogds EAST, Klaasvoogds, Robertson

T: +27 73 840 8228

W: https://www.marbrin.co.za/

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