Short of activities to keep you busy during lockdown? In a slightly different take on the traditional ‘pub quiz’, funnyman, Chris Forrest, hosts a hilarious live virtual online quiz series fit with something for the whole family.

There’s just something exciting about testing your trivia knowledge against others and learning new things along the way. Whether you’re looking for something fun for the kids or you’re looking to take up the challenge with your fellow lockdown housemates, The Very Big Comedy Quiz is packed with funny and interesting trivia, hilarious banter and conversation and a whole lot of fun.

The Very Big Comedy Quiz is live-streamed on Facebook at 1 pm – Just for Kids – and 8 pm for the adults on Tuesdays and Fridays during the lockdown.

The rules are simple:

1. Log on to The Very Big Comedy Quiz Facebook page HERE… 
2. Come up with a team name;
3. Get the quiz spirit going and engage with fellow ‘quarantiners’ on the group’s chat;
4. Get your thinking caps on;
5. NO Googling – well you can because we can’t check, but then you just spoiling the fun;
6. NO derogatory remarks, no-one likes a *beep*hole;
7. The questions are read out live by Chris Forrest. DO NOT submit your answer on the comments section. Write down the answers on your own piece of paper;
8. Capture your score on the form link given on the chat;
9. Have fun

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