I know, we are only one week into this lockdown thing – but living in a 50-meter squared cottage has me about to go absolutely crazy! Luckily Netflix to the rescue – otherwise I may have gone nuts in the evenings.

My Top 5 that I have recently finished watching, or are currently watching are…(in no particular order)…

The Handmaids Tale

I have finished Season 3 recently and given the current situation we are in, this is one to make you think about what our future could possibly be like. The first two episodes I ever watched I literally sat there with my mouth hanging open wondering what I was watching. Keep going – trust me, it’s worth it.

They describe this serious as a dystopian/utopian¬†tragedy, its a bit of a mind-bender I won’t lie – but certainly an eye-opener, and of course you start to empathise with the main character June as she flaunts the rules and tries to break the system, in her own small way.

Empowering and eye-opening – this is one that will totally suck you in, and spit you out with your paradigms utterly shifted!

Spinning Out

Being a former ice skater myself I could not help myself but watch Spinning Out. The series features around Kat Baker an up and coming ice dance star, and of course the problems she faces at home and with her family which could possibly put her career in jeopardy. She also suffered a major fall on the ice, which affects her confidence majorly.

Her single mother suffers with bi-polar, as does Kat herself, and the series focusses around the challenges the family face but shows that if you love something enough, nothing will get in your way to compete, and to win, of course. Highly recommend for all ice lovers, like me!

Netflix Cheer

I totally binge-watched this six or seven-episode season in one go. Brilliant! I always thought cheerleaders were a bit spare, not actually realising, A – what a huge thing cheerleading is in America, and B, how much flipping hard work those kids put themselves through.

This is almost a reality show, in other words, the cast is not made up of actors, they are an actual varsity cheerleading squad, you get to see the highs and lows, the tears and the triumphs of the Navarro College Cheerleading Team as they prepare for the biggest national cheerleading competition in the country. Highly recommended – you will find yourself falling in love with some of the characters like Morgan and Jerry, without even trying.

Sex Education

So funny, I must say I have had some really good wiping tears away from my eyes, laughs during this one. Otis Milbourne is a 16-year-old boy whose mom is a sex therapist. He is also really smart (and super nerdy) and grew up listening to his num chatting to her patients about their various relationship and sexual issues. He literally is a walking encyclopedia on sex – only thing is – he is a virgin and utterly petrified of having sex.

The series is set in a smallish town in the English countryside and his best friend Eric is a totally flamboyant over the top gay – this is utterly hysterical, following the two on their adventures, falling in love, getting hurt and Otis’s ‘sex clinic’ that he runs at school to try and help his fellow high school pupils through their fumbling relati0nships. You will have a great laugh!

Virgin River

I really hope there is another season headed our way – I adore the two main characters, Mel and Jack soo much! Mel is a nurse, who recently lost her husband and newly born child and chooses to leave Los Angeles to work as a nursing practitioner in a small town called Virgin River – in a hopes to escape her past and forget some of the memories that haunt her.

Jack runs the local bar and restaurant in Virgin River and the chemistry between these two is electric. Of course, a series of challenges await them, and small-town meddling and other drama come in to play – but I really enjoyed the first season and hope to see more of this one…

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