Easter is a time for cooking, feasting and celebrating with friends and family. Let GLAD help make the holidays a little easier with their handy product range and creative tips for Easter fun and festivities! And best of all GLAD products are totally reusable, meaning that you can use them over and over…

For the kids:

• Let the kids decorate Glad Zip Seal Bags with stickers and coloured pens so each one has their own safe storage for all their Easter Treats. This also makes it easy to freeze treats if they melt.

• Put the Easter egg hunt treasures into small Glad Zip Seal Bags before you hide them, ensuring they are safe from ants, bugs, pets, and rain.

• Write clues on Glad Zip Seal Bags for your Easter Egg hunt, leading to where more treats can be found.

• Making some Easter biscuits or cakes? Entertain the kids with decorating. Turn Glad Zip Seal into icing piping bags. Fill the bags with different colour icing and cut a small hole in one corner to squeeze the icing out into lovely patterns (with less mess).

• Remember to line your cake tins and baking trays with GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper to prevent food from sticking. •

Easter Planning:

Buy your Easter Weekend groceries ahead of time to ensure you can enjoy your whole weekend, stress-free

• Fresh hot cross buns are easy to freeze ahead of time, in Glad Freezer Bags, then defrost the night before and toast on Easter morning.

• Freeze artisanal bread ready for Sunday Lunch instead of rushing out on Sunday morning.

• Prepare as much of your Easter Sunday Cooking as you can in advance.

• Keep GLAD Bake & Cooking Paper on hand, it is a non-stick baking and cooking paper that eliminates the need to grease trays and pans enabling you to cook with no oil and less mess. •

GLAD products have thousands of uses and you will be glad to have them around this Easter. Make sure to put them on your shopping list to make your Easter a little easier – find out more HERE…

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