I actually spotted their unique and eye-catching labels on the shelf at my local Woolworths just the other day, and mentally checked myself to make sure that I share about all things Silverthorn Wines as soon as I can, following on from my trip down to the Cape a few weeks ago!

Silverthorn Wines fill their MCC bottles, and their lives, with beauty, passion and uniqueness – something we should all be wholly embracing right now – difference and standing out from the crowd.

Located on the Roberston Wine Route, Silverthorn Wines is not only situated in an ideal location on the banks of the Breede river, but sports a superb mountain view, and a compact, yet highly functional cellar.

Winemaker, John Loubser, is calculated and precise about his craft, but arty and engaging all at once, and I instantly liked him – and although we arrived on what could only be described as the hottest day of the year, he made us feel right at home and shared some passionate insights around the brand, the farm and not least – these stunning labels!

They currently offer 3 delicious variants, with a 4th now in production, with yet another spellbinding label to adorn its bottle. Creativity does not lack here, that’s for sure.

The Green Man, which was my favourite, is fresh, crisp and refreshing – the label depicts a mythical creature – who is half-human, half nature, basically the spirit of the forest, the continuous regeneration of life and the interdependence of all things. It’s mystical and magical. This tasty bubbly will go perfectly with oysters or sushi!

The stunning red labelled bottle is called The Jewel Box and shares the story of the explorers of yesteryear, who found their way down to the Cape in days of old, and merged their old world history with our truly authentic African culture into something that could never be the same again, but would be worth everything. Enjoy this one on a perfect summers night under the stars with some tasty fish or chicken nibblies 🙂

Last and most certainly not least – the blue labelled bottle – The Genie. Think Aladdin, think flying carpets and Arabian folklore, and you have the Genie. This Rosé Champagne breaks the mould of traditional Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes – John used Shiraz, an ancient grape variety, originating from Persia. It’s magical – and now I understand the name!

The team at Silverthorn Wines are already breaking all sorts of records and winning all sorts of awards, please do yourself a favour and get yourself a bottle to try next time you spot it on your bottle store or on your local Woolies shelf. <3

A: R317, Robertson (yes that it – use Google or Waze)

T: 027 21 7881706

W: www.silverthornwines.co.za

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