Please note – This is my own opinion piece – this is not right or wrong – these are just my thoughts and what I will be doing with my life following our Presidents address last night – officially placing South Africa in a natural disaster state. PS – Cyril – you were brilliant. Calm, methodical, well planned and beautifully delivered – I have never been prouder.

Day 1. Well, my Day 1. The first day when it became real – for me. I have been watching the media (and the alternative media) for a number of weeks now, planning for this day – and here it is.

      It feels surreal – I literally cannot think of anything else. I went for my usual morning walk. The roads seem quiet, or is that just me? I think about what the implications are for South Africa and what would happen should our country and economy shut down completely. Its all I think about for 30 minutes while I get my breathing up and my heart pumping.

      Its all I think about as I load the washing machine and select the cycle. Its all I think about as I make my lunch. Today is my last day of booked work with a client – and after that, I will be working from home, which I am glad about.

      Am I scared? Hard to say. I think feeling nervous about the unknown would be a better analogy – but if other countries can get through it so can we. I have faith in South Africa.

      Wash your hands!

      What to do? Do you know how you have been begging for just a few days off, some time to rest and relax? It’s here. Use it. Work from home. Repair the house. Garden. Do the chores. Read the books piling up next to your bed. Spend time with your family. Cook. Eat. Play games. Sleep. Swim. Sleep again. See if you can help others – some people may be sick and not able to go out, maybe you can shop for them or walk their dog. Post it on Facebook – your neighbours may need you…

      Wash your hands!

      Educate yourself… Reading other peoples panicking Facebook statuses and uninformed opinions (including this article) is not the gospel truth. Watch Youtube clips. Watch independent podcasters and alternative thinkers Youtube clips. Learn. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

      Mainstream media has its place – but so do other people who are informed. Read and listen. Burying your head in the sand and saying ‘If you think about it, you will catch it’ is stupid. Don’t be stupid – we need to work together as a country.

      Wash your hands! Keep your distance. Don’t touch people.

      Panic Buying – Not needed! However, laying in some basic stocks for say 3 to 4 weeks might be smart. I will be purchasing a few basic necessities to ensure that I do not need to go out to the shops a few times a week like I usually do – and try and cut down on being in malls and stores.

      Keep in mind that lights and water go on and off regularly in this country, so candles and water filtration devices are handy.

      Here is my shopping list for what I will be purchasing later today. Just what I would need – not clearing the shelves and being a pig without thought for others. PS – Wash your hands!

      My Shopping List:

      Soap x 1 bar

      Toilet Paper x 1 pack of 9 rolls

      Tampons and pads – 1 pack

      Berocca and Vit C – 1 month supply

      Milk Long Life – 6 boxes (1 carton)

      Coffee – 1 doy packs Nescafe

      Frozen Veg – 2 bags

      Tuna – 6 tins

      Baked Beans – 6 tins

      Tinned Salmon – 3 tins

      Canned Mixed Veg – 8 tins

      Soya mince – 4 boxes

      Meat – assorted options to freeze – 4 packs

      Wine – many bottles!!

      Candles – 2 packs

      Lighter – 1

      Brita Water Filters – 2

      Tissues – 1 box

      Wet wipes – 1 big pack

      Toothpaste -1 tube

      Hand sanitiser – 1 big bottle – if I can find any

      Paper towel – 2 rolls – can also be used to make face masks – yes, you can Google it too!

      Rubber bands – 1 box – as per above

      What’s next?

      Who knows. This thing is in its infancy, no one really knows. But my suggestion is staying away from others. Not out of fear, but out of public decency.

      Research – and that’s Youtube videos that I have watched which show conversations with people that are currently quarantined in Wuhan and Italy show that the first signs are a cold. Then you get flu. Then you get pneumonia. It’s progressive. Just staying away from people will lessen the risk of infecting others.

      You and I will be okay, for sure. We have access to healthcare and hospitals. We can buy a month or twos worth of groceries in advance. We can work from home. Many others cannot. To stop the spread – let’s not be out there wining and dining and coughing on people and acting silly, comprehende?

      My blog and social media posts will be changing going forward to share smaller events and great entertainment ideas and things to do at home – family entertainment ideas. Let’s keep it real, but not panic. I will do my best too. We got this – and I got you 🙂

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