Amy Tjasink is a 27-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-talented musician from Cape Town, South Africa, who has just released her first single ‘Spiderman Kiss’ after her exit from The Voice South Africa Season 3, where she placed in the Top 7.

The country-pop single which was recorded and produced in Cape Town by Swedish producer IVARES while he was on tour in South Africa has a nostalgic collaboration of guitars, country vocals and Avicii styled beats which leave you feeling festive and in love. The sweet and raw signature vocals of Amy brings authenticity and originality to form this cross-genre hit song.

“The song is about the rollercoaster ride of a relationship. At one point you feel you have hit rock bottom and then suddenly with the simplest gesture of a kiss you can be reminded of the chemistry you have with that person, and if you persevere, love always wins.” – smiles Amy

The single was mastered at Abbey Roads Studios in London by Christian Wright who has some of the biggest and respected names under his belt including Ed Sheeran, Franz Ferdinand, Blur, Soft Hair, Kate Tempest, Bears Den, Keane, and Ben Frost. His skills in soundtrack production have been employed on the Oscar-winning Gravity (No.1 in the USA and UK) composed by Steven Price, two Harry Potter films and The Master – composed by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. – Abbey Roads Studios

“The highlight of the recording process was working off the producer’s energy. The Swedes are super talented and working with IVARES took my songwriting and production to the next level.” – says Amy

Ahead of entering The Voice South Africa, Amy was commissioned as a musical director on a cruise liner in Australia for 4 years. She then made a bold move to immigrate to London, where she launched her sassy & flirty debut independent full album titled “Simplify Me” following her debut EP titled “Average Jane” which had a country and reggae influence.

Being stationed in London, she was seen playing at numerous venues in the British capital, such as Premier League football games, as well as singing at high-end venues which included Hugh Hefner’s famous Playboy Club. Her signature vocal, multi-faceted genre-bending style, and on-stage quirky personality allows her to perform to intimate and arena-size venues and occasions.

“I have so many stories to tell, melodies to sing and feelings to share, and being on stage gives me that platform and fuels my inspiration and creativity”. – says Amy

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