The much acclaimed South African produced and directed movie Moffie will be opening on the South African film circuit this week. Director Oliver Hermanus’ new feature film continues to compete on the international film circuit, the official South African trailer for the film has also just been released.

Moffie has already premiered at several international film festivals, including its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in September.
The story of a young conscript who battles to survive compulsory service in apartheid-South Africa’s military has enamoured audiences worldwide with sold-out screenings in London, Stockholm and Glasgow in October and high praise from film critics.

“I am so excited about sharing our new trailer with the South African audience,” says director Oliver Hermanus. “It has been such an amazing opportunity to include Rodriguez’s “Sugar Man” in the film and then to have Ben Ludik rework it for our trailer is the cherry on top. I love what he has done with the song and I hope audiences will come and experience the extraordinary work by the group of brilliant South Africans – actors, designers, photographers, composers, producers and crew – who made this film.”

Moffie is based on the memoir of the same name by André-Carl van der Merwe, produced by Eric Abraham and Jack Sidey, and co-produced by Theresa Ryan-Van Graan.

“As a woman and a mother, I have been immensely moved and very proud to be associated with this film,” says Ryan-van Graan. “I cannot imagine what it must have been like to send your son to war, or to worry about his survival in an environment that shamed and persecuted boys that were different or weak in any way.”

The film which was produced by Portobello Productions and Penzance Films premiered in The United States in early January at The Palm Springs Film Festival before heading to Norway. Over the next three months, it will also premiere in Scotland, Ireland, and Mexico.

Moffie stars Kai Luke Brümmer, Hitlon Pelser, Matthew Vey, Stefan Vermaak, and Ryan de Villliers among others.

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