John Tsenoli is firmly establishing himself on the music scene, and still riding high on the success of his debut single release I’m Just a Boy that has already reached over 7 million listeners on South African radio, John is set to drop his next single, Long Road, available across all digital platforms now.

The same hit-making team, Ryno Zeelie and Matthew Marinus, joined forces with John once again to write and produce this endearing and inspiring track that continues to tell the story of John’s journey from Lesotho to Johannesburg 4 years ago, and is sure to tug at the heartstrings.

It’s a song about perseverance, hope, strength and staying true to your journey, about leaving a legacy that the generations after you can be proud of and hold onto. Add John’s powerful, soulful, velvet vocals to these messages of inspiration and you have a sure-fire track that will have listeners sitting up and paying attention.

The journey for Long Road began back in 2017 as a conversation between the three songwriters regarding the importance of staying true to yourself and what you feel in your heart is the right thing to do, then sticking to that journey, however long it may take you.

Long Road is a song that’s very close to John’s heart and for him; it’s a collective of important message that he feels the world needs to hear right now.

Tsenoli states; “It’s been such an incredible journey for me, getting to this point where I can officially release my second single.
I have felt that specific people have come into my life since arriving in Joburg that has helped me to align my thoughts. This songwriting partnership with Matthew and Ryno has helped me to express myself as an artist, they’ve heard my vision and are helping me express that message. I am deeply grateful”.

He continues; “I feel it’s necessary for artists to pay homage to where they come from; to keep them humble and remaining grounded in their roots and in the truth of who they really are. This is important to me, to be proud of the artist that I am becoming. I want those kids in my village who watch me, to be proud of my journey too, and to use it as an inspiration that they, TOO, can follow their dreams, no matter how difficult the journey.”

Delivering an inspirational message is key for John, and his hope is for the song to not only move people, but to inspire them to take action to pursue their own dreams.

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Check out the video for Long Road so long…

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