It’s a not-to-be-missed food and wine dinner with a difference – wines from three of Italy’s biggest fashion houses (Fendi, Ferragamo and Bulgari) paired with the best of Bistro Dolce Vita’s food.

Wine has always been in fashion, but these days more than ever, it seems fashion is getting into wine and it will be on show at an exclusive five-course food and wine pairing at Bistro Dolce Vita on Wednesday, March 11, starting at 7 pm.

All these Italian wines were produced on estates owned by iconic families in the Italian fashion industry: Massimo Ferragamo’s Castiglion del Bosco, Paolo and Giovani Bulgari’s Podernuovo a Palazzone and Guido Fendi’s Idillio Maremmano.

Says Bistro Dolce Vita’s Clayton Boyd: “Three families, all renowned for the mark of quality in the high fashion industry have embarked in a journey into wine, which so far has paid huge dividends having been awarded great accolades from global wine critics. We are delighted to be presenting these wines next month. A similar food and wine pairing at our other establishment Dolci Café were sold out as soon as it was announced and we expect this dinner to be as well.”

The menu is as follows:

Amuse bouche:
Cozze gratinate – fresh mussels topped with breadcrumbs, a touch of garlic and parsley then oven baked to form a crispy surface.
Paired with Idillio Maremmano
Tasting notes: Complex nose of ripe fruit, chamomile and honey. The bouquet opens on acacia and elderflower. The palate is warm and persistent, with a smooth and creamy body. From the nose to the mouth the thread of this fine Viognier is salt; it smells like the ocean and it has a salted mineral touch at the end.

Faggotini d’anatra – tender duck slow cooked with Podernuovo Nicoleo wine, wrapped inside a delicate phyllo pastry.
Paired with Podernuovo Nicoleo
Tasting notes: The name comes from the two sons of Giovanni: Nico and Leone Bulgari. Two personalities and two types of grapes, Vermentino and Chardonnay, that give the wine a double soul. The nose presents a fresh aroma of apple and lemongrass to open and finishes with notes of white flowers and almond. A clean and lightly mineral palate.

Tagliatelle Tartufo – Homemade tagliatelle pasta served with a truffle sauce topped with truffle oil, fresh black truffle shavings and parmesan cheese.
Paired with Brunello di Montalcino 2013
Tasting notes: A garnet-flecked ruby red, it releases generous, emphatic fragrances classic to Sangiovese, developing a near-endless progression notable for its beautiful balance.

Arrosto di manzo – Roast beef stuffed with spinach and artichokes cooked in Idillio Maremmano served with side of roasted potatoes cooked in olive oil, rosemary and sea salt.
Paired with Idillio Maremmano Cabernet Sauvignon
Tasting notes: One hundred percent Cabernet Sauvignon characterised by ripe black cherry
flavours that give a perception of sweetness as well as strong notes of blackcurrant. Full and smooth body with a balanced acidity.

Crostata di Ananas – stewed pineapple in a biscuit cup, topped with fresh mascarpone and pineapple
Paired with Castiglioni del Bosco Chardonnay
Tasting notes: Fresh, fruity and crispy unwooded 100 percent Chardonnay, vinified and
aged in stainless steel tanks. Tropical nose of banana, pineapple, passion fruit and
lychee. The palate is delicate and dry.

The cost for this Bistro Dolce Food & Wine Pairing – presented in conjunction with Blue Magnolia Saffire – is R790 a person and includes all food and wine. Bookings are essential with Sergio on 082 786 5396.

A: The Regent complex, 21 West Rd South, Morningside.

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