Hot on the success of her debut single release Me & Myself co-written and produced by Daniel Baron last July, the vibrant 18-year old drops her powerful 2nd single ‘Over You’ today, Friday 7 February.

Composed by Marianthe alongside industry greats Tjaart van der Walt and Matthew Marinus, ‘Over You’ has an emotive pop twist to your not-so-typical breakup song. Marianthe wanted to write a song about the aftermath of heartbreak and accepting the fact that moving on is the best thing to do even if you’re hurting. It’s about finding strength in yourself and leaving all the sadness behind.

Says Marianthe; “Matt, Tjaart and I have been working on this single since last year. It went through many different stages and directions so being able to finally release it is a huge relief. Not because we eventually finished it, but because this final product is one that we are all so proud of and really enjoyed making together. I’m so excited to be able to share it with everyone. I’ve witnessed a few of my friends go through breakups and heartbreaks. I’ve watched how they have healed and become stronger. They’ve learnt how to become the best new version of themselves and this is the exact meaning behind my single.”

Marianthe was born to be on stage! She doesn’t remember a time when she DIDN’T perform in some form of another; even as far back as her first memory of singing being with her grandmother, singing nursery rhymes.

Her remarkable performance CV belies her young age, with her already having notched up many impressive performances whilst still at school in her hometown of Durban.

These include amongst others, Shrek, Sinbad and Annie as well as performing at the Hilton Arts Festival. She has also proven to be a popular choice as Guest Artists for industry giants such as Jonathan Roxmouth, Samantha Peo and Swing City.

She is no stranger to Johannesburg audiences, having exploded onto the scene at the tender age of 13 in 2015 as part of Born To Perform’s Gala Concert. Her rendition of Don’t Rain on My Parade brought the house down and garnered her a well-deserved standing ovation.

The industry took notice of her and soon after that, based on the strength of her performance, she was invited to be one of the headline vocalists in Supreme Divas at the Joburg Theatre. Other credits include Born To Perform Gala Concert (2016), A Night with the Stars with the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, Curtain Up, Born To Perform’s SHINE! 2018 and Gone Too Soon.

Fans of the hit television reality show SA’s Got Talent will also recognize Marianthe from the 2017 season where she reached the Semi-Finals.

Newly matriculated from Crawford College La Lucia, January 2020 saw Marianthe relocating to Johannesburg. This is so she can attend Stageworx Performing Arts School to prepare for her upcoming Trinity ATCL Examinations in Musical Theatre later this year.

While presently studying and continuing to perform wherever possible, Marianthe is also firmly focused on challenging herself further by developing her songwriting skills and releasing more original music.

Marianthe states; “I’m so excited to be releasing my second single ‘Over You’. The timing feels so perfect because I have just started a new chapter in my life with new beginnings and I’m also releasing my new song. “

Get your copy of ‘Over You’ now on all digital platforms HERE…

Check out the music video for ‘Over You’ here:


Photo credits: Chris K Photography

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