Time to set your 10 toes free with CHOC’s awesome new annual event – Flip Flop Day – Have a heart and wear a sole!

It’s safe to say that the day a parent hears that their child has cancer is probably the most unnatural day of their lives… From that day forward, nothing is the same. Most of us can’t even bear to face the thought, and luckily for the majority of us, we will never have to. But those that do face this unimaginable diagnosis are truly the bravest of the brave, especially the ones at the heart of the battle; the young souls who undergo treatment after treatment, fighting to survive.

These children and teenagers are standing on the frontlines facing the scariest journey that they will ever have to face. The fear, uncertainty, relentless hospital visits and cycle of treatments all have a profound and lasting effect on these young warriors. For the parents and families, a completely different journey is beginning; one that is also steeped in fear and uncertainty, but one that includes the debilitating emotional weight of caring for the rest of the family, maintaining a household, even holding up a job – whilst carrying their child or teenager through an unchartered medical gauntlet.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa is a registered and internationally recognised Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) whose aim it is to provide life-changing and all-embracing support programmes to children and teenager and their families, from the get-go, once a diagnosis has been given. CHOC services include:
• Accommodation • Transport • Emotional Support • Practical Support • Awareness & Education • Advocacy & Collaboration • Additional Programmes

For the families, this support becomes a beacon in the darkness, shining a guiding light. For the children and teenagers, these programmes give them the strength to be steadfast, to keep on fighting even when their young bodies are battered, tired and hurting. This is CHOC’s passionate purpose – their way of showing their refusal to back down and let childhood cancer win.

Meet Flippie, CHOC’s flip flop mascot for their colourful new annual event – Flip Flop Day. Launching for the first time on 14 February 2020, Flip Flop Day is the chance for us South Africans to do what we do best – Rally together behind a cause we believe in.

From boardrooms to classrooms, the beaches of Cape Town to the streets of Maboneng, Baardskeerdersbos to Bloemfontein, Hogsback to Houghton… Their aim is to leave no stone unturned in finding supporters who want to set their 10 toes free by paying R10 and flipping on some flops to show their support for this amazing cause. It’s time for all South Africans to have a heart and wear a sole!

The campaign will be supported by PNA Stationers, one of South Africa’s largest and most successful retail stores, selling everything from stationery to art and Craft Materials, Books and Educational Books. The public will be able to pop into any PNA store when buying their back to school stationery, art supplies or books and grab their Flip Flop Day sticker. It’s simply never been easier to make a difference. Stickers can also be purchased from your CHOC regional office.

With the support of every South African, it truly is 10 for 10 with CHOC – Set your 10 toes free with your R10 donation on 14 February 2020 and become one of the CHOC SOLE-diers! We may never be able to walk in the shoes of those fighting childhood cancer, but we can certainly walk in pair of flip flops for a day to show them that we will never back down in the fight against childhood cancer.
For more information or to purchase your sticker HERE or pop into your local PNA store.

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