Wixworth Renosterbos infused classic dry gin is the latest news on everyone’s lips and this tasty gin goes perfectly with botanicals and a variety of mixers.

Handcrafted in South Africa from 6 botanicals, this passionate and non-conforming gin have a big desire to conserve and to contribute to all that is authentic in their spirit, all which makes them original.

Wixworth is firmly committed to protecting our rhino. Renosterbos, meaning ‘rhino bush’, gets its name from these majestic creatures that once roamed freely across Southern Africa. It is said that the thin leaves of the shrub, which go grey when dried in the sun, are similar in colour to a Black rhino’s hide. They believe that saving endangered rhinos from extinction is something we can all collectively raise a glass to. For every bottle sold, you raise a glass, they contribute.

The herbs:

The sundried renosterbos leaves give Wixworth its fresh, herbaceous heart and refreshing floral pininess, and add a warm, African welcome to its unique flavour profile.

Provides a fruity-piny, somewhat peppery backbone and adds a fresh, yet subtle herb note.

Angelica Root 
Provides a woody-nutty base.

Cassia Bark
These delicate curls impart a warm, sweet-spicy flavour.

Adds spicy, fragrant, citrusy notes.

Orange Peel
The source of the zesty sunshine citrus notes.

A sensory exploration through the subtle flavours and aromas that unmistakably represent South Africa. Sipping on Wixworth conjures up thoughts of vast South African landscapes, with scents of earthiness, the fresh dewy florals of the veld and the sun-beaten aroma of steamy thatched roofs.

Classic Serve

Wix & Tonic
50ml of Wixworth Gin
200ml of plain Tonic Water
Garnish with a wheel of lime

Why lime instead of lemon?
Adding a lime wheel to every glass of Wixworth instantly enhances our gin’s natural orange peel flavours.

Classically South African and available in all good liquor outlets, RRP R299 – find out more…

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