Christmas gift ideas are right here, folks! Lozärn Wines firmly rooted in the fertile soils of the Robertson wine valley and handcrafted on Doornbosch farm, honours a family matriarch while celebrating a red varietal likely to be well-known to travellers who have sampled the wines of Chile.

About Lozärn

Many are intrigued by the wraparound labels that add dark elegance to Lozärn’s labels, adorned as they are with the skeleton of a duck.

The story revolves around family matriarch Kathleen May, Granny Kay as she was affectionately known, who started life in Fish Hoek about a century ago. Her childhood embraced both South Africa and Europe, but as young adults, she and her sister escaped from Germany at the outbreak of World War 1 to settle in Switzerland in the city of Lucerne.

Back in South Africa several years later Kay bought land in the Robertson valley and started producing ducks for the market. Her son added grapes and orchards when he took over the farm, and today one of his three sons, Grant Smuts now farms here, focussing on tomatoes and other fruits.

Happily for winemaker Salome, who introduced them to Carmenère, wine production is also on the menu. The Swiss-German version of the farm name – Lozärn – was chosen as the wine brand, and a skeletal image of a duck to illustrate the label.

The wines

The wines are notching up medals at local contests, including gold from Michelangelo for the crisp, savoury rosé, another Carmenère star. Salome Buys-Vermeulen, as dedicated and passionate as any winemaker, is now in her 11th year in the industry. She savours working solo, and is lucky that she can, as she is completely committed to making Lozärn wines an industry force with products that consumers love and her peers’ respect.

Lozärn Wines present a limited edition of a unique Chardonnay, inspired by age-old pebbly soils, respect for the nurtured vines, passion for the golden grapes and dedication to their craft.

Only 160 bottles of this authentic expression of terroir were produced from superb Koffie-Klip soil, which was treated with passion and integrity, matured in oak for 15 months before being bottled as 2019 came to a close.

They are dedicating this exceptional wine to Grandpa Seb, aka Sebastian Smuts, husband of Lucerne founder and farmer Kay, grandfather of Grant Smuts. His loyal support enabled Kay to farm successfully in the Robertson district from 1923 onward. She chose her site well and wisely as today the region is renowned for its fine Chardonnay wines.

Tasting notes

Open your Sebastian Chardonnay slowly, and pour carefully into your wine glasses. Wait a minute then swirl and sniff as aromas of honeysuckle, caramel and sun-warmed stone fruit capture your nostrils. Sip and wait as your palate is enveloped with a crisp combination of butterscotch and apricot, followed by citrus flavours and a hint of oak that will linger to a long finish in this medium-bodied masterpiece.

Enjoy as a festive appetiser with gourmet canapés or partner with traditional chicken or duck celebratory dishes.

Stockists include Wine at the Mill, Wine Concepts Kloof, Vino Pronto, Hermanus Wine Village, Roeland Liquors and Caroline’s Fine wine.

Find out more on their website – HERE…

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