How unique and totally not what I expected at all, but it’s beautiful! Miss South Africa 2019, Zozi Tunzi revealed two spectacular pageant outfits that will accompany her to the Miss Universe Pageant to be held on 08 December 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of these is the symbolic and meaningful National Costume that Zozi will wear at Miss Universe, an outfit that is a representation of her campaign, The UN Women’s #HeforShe initiative.

Created by Lloyd Kandlin from the Costume Department and called The Wave of Love, Zozi’s costume is decorated in ribbons in the colours of the South African national flag. Each ribbon is inscribed with love letters from South African’s who have pledged their love and support for South African women in the fight against gender-based violence.

Zozi said: “In what will be a first, I am literally taking the people of South Africa with me to Miss Universe; my dress will carry messages that celebrate and honour the women of our country.”

Costume designer, Lloyd Kandlin, said the concept for the magnificent rainbow nation coloured outfit came from Zozi who wanted something different. “We came up with the concept of love letters woven into a wave that wraps around her body in a wire harness. She will walk around with this Wave of Love.”

“People came into the studio to write their love letters supporting the fight against gender-based violence. They joined with South Africans everywhere writing their messages of love and support on pieces of fabric. We then attached those torn strips to the garment so that there is an organic, sculptured feel to the outfit.”

“It’s not traditional in any sense of the word. But it is what Zozi wanted, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful. She is going to look stunning in it.”
At the centre of the Wave of Love will be Zozi, wearing a simple white cat-suit, adorned with a black Xhosa stripe and a touch of gold.

Lloyd said: “I’ve created a goddess crown, symbolic of the sun, that life-giving force that brings everything to us. The crown will be a symbol of the power of women who carry within them the power of the life force.

“Said Biji: “I have created something very special for Zozi. She has a unique look so I’ve designed a very special, one of its kind gown for her. I think everyone will be very happy with the look as she takes to the stage at the Finale.”

Miss Universe contestants from around the world are, this year, taking a doll that will be donated to a charity as their National Gift. Going to Atlanta with Miss South Africa is a Zozi doll, designed by Bokang Montjane Tshabalala, Miss South Africa in 2010.

Renowned for her African dolls, Bokang said: “The Princess Bokang Doll that we are making for Zozi will be dressed in a custom Xhosa outfit. For me, identity and representation are important, hence I started my own doll range so every African child can feel represented, worthy and beautiful. We are honoured to have Zozi take our doll with her and our wish is that she comes back with the Miss Universe crown.”

Stephanie Weil, CEO of the Miss South Africa organisation said: “Zozi takes more than just beauty and glamour to Miss Universe; she takes with her the heart of South Africa, literally worn around her in the form of pledges from the women and men of this country. We at the Miss SA organisation are very proud of what Zozi has achieved this year and look forward to standing by her side at Miss Universe.”

Miss Universe will be broadcast live from Atlanta, in the United States, on December 9th at 2 am South African time on 1Magic, DSTV channel 103.

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Mom Miriam December 9, 2019 at 10:35 am

Miss Mexico Universe 2019 opined in speech that the judges are not looking for a model but a role model. Well, she was almost right. The all-women judges of MU org were looking for a model and role model all-in-one and found it in Miss South Africa Universe 2019 whose tribal warrior-like beauty is indeed a better icon, in these times of widespread violent subjugation of women, than other stereotypes or the like of Miss Universe 2011. What’s more, Miss Universe 2019 could probably generate lucrative sponsorships from South African diamond companies for the obviously cash-strapped MU org — better than Miss Universe 2018 did from Philippine companies that were more inclined to invest in sponsorships for the 2019 SEA Games. Sincere congratulations, Queen Zozibini Tunzi!

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