Vergenoegd Low The Wine Estate has just launched their unique and creative Adam & Eve 2019 Limited Merlot Collector’s Edition, and these beautifully packaged bottles are not only easy on the eye but ready-to-drink wines, suitable for any occasion.

The box set makes the picture-perfect gift this festive season, not to mention the ideal gift for anyone who already has everything!

About the Wines

• A unique flavour profile, Adam, a red Merlot is a young, easy-drinking and modern take on a traditional Merlot, with flavours of ripe plums and berries, whilst Eve, a white Merlot and a first for the wine farm, is lighter and gentler on the palate, with notes of tropical fruits and a subtle hint of citrus and lemon zest.
• Both should be chilled and enjoyed immediately.
• The total number of pairs has increased from 2600 pairs in 2018 to 16960 in 2019, which also happens to be the same year that the farm was granted land rights in 1696.

About the Wine Design

• The sleeve on each bottle (a perforation running horizontally up the side of the sleeve with a message “Cut to Reveal”, can be unwrapped to reveal a beautifully designed bottle, that reveals the true story of what happened in the Garden of Eden. It also speaks to the idea that Adam and Eve are both enjoyed in their truly naked form.
• Both stories are different. Eve’s bottle has a snake holding a key, representing that she has tamed Adam and holds all the power. She has unlocked the cage on Adam’s bottle to release her heart as she knows that she cannot be controlled by Adam. The heart is filled with Adam’s tasting notes in a quirky manner, represented by the cat and the fish.
• Every process on the farm is designed to leave as light a footprint as possible – Using vegetable oil-based inks, water-based varnish and FSC approved paper, we can proudly declare the carrier box is 100% recyclable, and the unique bottles with glass stoppers are designed to be reused or upcycled for water, wine or in the kitchen.

Find out more on their website here…

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