Yay – one of my fave initiatives is back! When the 2020 school year kicks off a host of celebs and media personalities will be part of the Krush Goodness Krew ensuring that 20 000 children across South Africa receive a brand new pair of school shoes. This is all part of the #KrushGoodness project by Clover Krush – a brand synonymous with spreading goodness – which has already ensured that 30 000 school children in communities in need across South Africa have received a brand new pair of school shoes.

When the project first launched in 2018, Krush set out to show that adding a little bit of goodness every day has the power to change the world for the better. And that if we start our day with one good deed, it has the power to transform someone’s day, leading to them adding a bit of goodness to someone else’s day, and so the goodness spreads, ultimately inspiring a world of goodness.

Sally Witherden, Brand Group Manager at Clover, notes that the brand is overwhelmed by the support this project has garnered from people across South Africa, all wanting to play their part and spread a little goodness. “Since the project started, we have visited many schools across the country and the reality is that so many children go to school barefoot each day.

This is something that cannot be ignored and is something that needs to change. If we can play a part, in some way, to share goodness and ensure more school shoes reach even more school children in need, we are actively being part of a positive change. We started out by donating 10 000 school shoes in 2018, which then doubled to 20 000 in 2019, and here we are again! By the end of February 2020, we will have distributed a total of 50 000 pairs of school shoes, which is something very special,” says Witherden.

When 2020 kicks off, the 20 000 pairs of school shoes will be distributed to 20 underprivileged schools across the country.

Find out more on the Clover Krush website – HERE…

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GIFT Feb 10, 2020 at 10:41 am

I’ve been impressed with the work that you guys have been doing not only impressed but also motivated as i have foundation working with school id like clover krush crew to help one of our schools. We are running YOUTH FOUNDATION cleaning school toilets will truly be happy if one of our schools will be helped with school shoes.form Rampai gift (rampaim46@gmail.com

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