It has just been announced that Anga Makubalo, best known as NaakMusiQ, has renewed his contract with Soviet Denim, in what can be considered one of the most successful ambassadorial partnerships of recent years.

Anga is one of South Africa’s most prolific artists and is blazing across airwaves countrywide with his music. He has also taken home a number of awards in the musical, and acting spheres, most notably for his role in Isidingo, and has also appeared on Generations and Broken Vows in recent years. He is set to release a brand-new album at the end of 2019.

Soviet Denim pride themselves on always embracing an ethos of fun, freshness and aspiration, while keeping it real with everyday people in an everyday brand. They also know that a connection through the medium of music is one of the biggest means of reaching their target market, due to our nation’s passion for dance and music.

The partnership with Anga is the ideal match for Soviet. He resonates this exact ethos they so strongly believe in and are delighted to re-sign Anga as their ambassador for the rest of 2019 until the end of 2020.

Says Anga, ‘I’m super excited about signing again with Soviet because it will be my second term being part of a really close family. This is more than just a collaboration between two brands. The work ethic at Soviet Denim is fantastic, but just the general love that everyone has for each other is what really gets me going.’

Adds Anga with a big smile ‘With that said I’m looking forward to all the exciting stuff we have planned for the next year. I did the Anga shoe this year and really loved that. Next year we go bigger and better and I can’t wait for everyone to see. Big things are coming from Soviet Denim in 2020… wait and see!’

Anga was the first-ever male brand ambassador that the brand signed, and the partnership has grown from strength to strength with his Limited Edition ‘Anga’ sneaker which features the official NaakMusiQ logo on the back-heel counter, becoming a must-have fashion item for discerning and fashionable gents.

Says Caroline Hardman, Managing Director of Soviet Group, ‘The collaboration between our two brands saw the Soviet customer and NaakMusiQ fan having the opportunity to meet the talented superstar in person, at a couple of our stores, creating an emotional attachment to our brand, through music and the arts.’

‘We are thrilled to sign a second year with Anga, we have also extended this agreement to a seventeen-month contract, to end December 2020. I believe our 2019/2020 collaboration is going to be an exciting one for our customers, but I will let you know what we have up our sleeves a little later in the year’ adds Caroline.

Photo creds:

Gareth Hubbard and Byron L Keulemans

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Thandi December 6, 2019 at 7:14 am

As young people we must support each other in order to succeed in life we give Anga a round of applause I say big up to you

    Thandi December 6, 2019 at 7:16 am

    As young people we must support each other in order to succeed in life we give Anga a round of applause I say big up to him

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