TriTanium, a multi-discipline, multi-endurance event comprises of 6 competitive disciplines; mountain bike, road bike, trail run, road run, sea swim and inland swim, and will be held in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa, from the 1st to the 3rd of November 2019.

TriTanium is named after the metal with the highest strength-to-density ratio – Titanium.

It’s strong, durable and resistant just like the supreme athletes who will battle it out to take the TriTanium trophy.
This endurance race was formed by Laura-Beth Eicker-Harris, as she believed there was a need within the sports industry for a multi-discipline, multi-day stage race that allows all athletes from different levels of fitness, to compete, with the aim of searching for the ultimate, supreme athlete.

“As a crossover athlete who doesn’t identify as just a triathlete or just an MTBer, I felt that we needed a new and exciting challenge – something that’s never been done before. It’s wonderful to hear the banter between athletes and to see how differently our bodies react to different disciplines. It’s time to take the ‘smack talk’ to the start line and live up to the challenges that are thrown down over Saturday morning post-training cappuccinos. I want to settle the score and find out who the supreme athlete is. I want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone in their single endurance sport and I want to help grow the endurance sport, multidiscipline segment. I get bored and I know other people do too. TriTanium is the kind of event I’ve been waiting for.” states Race Founder and Organiser Laura-Beth Eicker-Harris.

TriTanium invites strong, durable and resistant athletes to battle it out for the TriTanium trophy. It encourages those who want to step out of their single-discipline, multiday zone, to explore more than one discipline; and those who are stuck in a multidiscipline, single-day event zone to extend their experience to multiday events.

The hero event is all 6 disciplines over all 3 days: Day 1 is a Ride-Run (MTB & trail run), Day 2 is a Swim-Ride (dam swim & road ride) and Day 3 is a Swim-Run (sea swim & road run). Athletes can enter Day 1, 2 or 3 only on a single day basis. Or, if they want to, runners can enter just the two-run stages, cyclists can enter just the two cycling stages, and swimmers can enter just the two swim stages.

Structuring the race to cater for everyone’s needs and to create the best possible combination of events, took a lot of time and planning, as did finding the right people and partners, and the right destination and venues. But the hard work has paid off.

The race has some big-name partners on board. “TriTanium is a world first and that makes it attractive to brands who play in the innovation and leadership spaces, and we can see that reflected in the calibre of partners that have already signed up.” Says Commercial Director, Richard van der Schyff.

The TriTanium weekend will not only be a celebration of endurance athletes and disciplines but the celebration of a lifestyle. With KwaZulu Natal as the destination, accessibility for Gautengers is easy and the venues are all family-friendly with plenty for families to do in the area.

For more information and to register, visit www.tritanium.co.za

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