I am proud to call her my friend and even prouder to share that body transformation expert Candice Robbertze has launched her latest project as part of her Candice Robbertze Foundation, an organization that currently assists
more than 15 charities in need.

One of these charities is an initiative called GROW (Grant people at their Residence an Opportunity to Work) and this project sees Candice and her team go into communities to teach them how to grow vegetables. They supply the seeds and the support, and when they are ready, they purchase back the vegetables, helping these communities to become self-sustainable. All vegetable cut-offs and peels are donated to up-and-coming pig farmers to feed their livestock, and to make compost for the vegetable gardens, making sure nothing goes to waste.

Thus far GROW has helped more than 100 families and feed an additional 50+ people every day with the products they buyback.

Candice is extremely passionate about uplifting people, and always make sure that everything her foundation initiates or supports has sustainability. Even within her own company, they run an empowerment program to help people become the best they can be. Some of Candice’s staff started as packers and have worked themselves up in the ranks, and today they are Managers.

“This is why GROW is so close to my heart. We help change people’s lives for the better. Not only do we make healthy food such as vegetables accessible to those who need it, but we also give them the tools to generate a much-needed income from this. The plan is to take GROW and implement it all over South Africa, helping thousands, if not millions, of people,” concludes Candice.

Her company, Calorie Conscious, is one of the largest health bakeries in South Africa, with a distribution chain of more than 500 clients, including Checkers, SPAR and Food Lover’s Market, nationwide. And now the
Candice Robbertze Foundation is changing lives for the better.

Find out more about Calorie Conscious and Candice here…

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