I love good food. I mean, LOVE good food – it’s what I do for a living, and who doesn’t love to spend some time with friends munching on tasty titbits and catching up?

I recently popped in to check out Soul Souvlaki, which is based on Jan Smuts Avenue in Craighall Park and was blown away but their friendly service and super yummy meals. They really do Greek Street Food the way it should be done!

Predominantly a take away spot, there is however a bit of room to sit, two tables inside and a biggish table outside, should you wish to eat in rather than take home – but to be honest getting home and unwrapping all the amazing aroma’s, pouring a glass of wine and spending time catching up with your friends or partner is worth the wait on the drive home!

I was not really sure where to start as everything sounded so yummy, so I opted for chicken skewers and halloumi as mains (comes with Aegean slaw, taramasalata and a pita bread chopped into four) and some meze sides. You can also grab several ‘On The Go’ options which can be eaten with one hand (for those of us on the move) and they have a great vegetarian selection too.

Eating food with my hands is my biggest delight, and I also love having little bits of things to get as many tastes as possible – and with the meze offerings you will not be stuck for choice – potato wedges to dolmades and hummus and more.

May I just give a HUGE shout out to the staff here – they were so super friendly straight from the moment I arrived, to giving me advice when I was dithering on what to order, and the food came out within 10 minutes – considering there was already a queue out the door and a number of folk milling around waiting for their food when I arrived there at 18h15 on Thursday night of a long weekend.

They do not serve alcohol – only cooldrinks, so I popped next door to Moda and grabbed a bottle of vino and headed home to spoil that some special with all my loot.

The chilli feta was delicious and is best eaten warm, it comes served in the foil it was baked in, and is perfect on the pita’s that come supplied with the meal (or you can order extra on the side if required) – add to that the delicious Aegean slaw (finely cut red & white cabbage, carrot, olive oil, vinegar, lemon and herbs), some taramasalata and some mixed olives on the side and you have a right banging meal or snack!

I am so stoked with my Greek foodie discovery, that I will be heading there again in the next few weeks when I am driving past and cooking seems waaay too much effort!

They also have branches in Bedfordview, Dower Glen and Parktown North.

A: 339 Jan Smuts Avenue, Shepard Market, Craighall

T: 011 327 6143

Find out more on their website, here…

Featured pic by Christopher Allen. Article pictures by me.

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