There’s a fresh new face on the local pop front as 18-year-old Marianthe bursts onto the music scene with her powerful debut single ‘Me & Myself’.

Music has always been a huge passion for Marianthe. Her first memory is her singing Greek nursery rhymes with her grandmother and since then, music has been a constant in her life. She then fell in love with musical theatre and starred in productions like ‘Shrek: The Musical’ ‘A Night With The Stars’, ‘Supreme Divas’, ‘Born To Perform’ and ‘Gone Too Soon’. Now, the star feels ready to enter the recorded music space as she drops her debut single ‘Me & Myself’.

Inspired by acts like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Taylor Swift and Clean Bandit, Marianthe has blended her love for pop music with powerful messaging to release her debut single. ‘Me & Myself’ is pure elegant electro-pop with orchestral infusions and hints of funk and adds a different dynamic to the local pop space.

Marianthe hopes to inspire listeners with her message of self-love. “‘Me & Myself’ is a song about getting over someone who caused you pain and heartache and finding strength in yourself to move on from toxic relationships,” Marianthe says. “A few of my friends have experienced heartbreak and I’ve witnessed them finding ways to strengthen themselves and be happy on their own. I put myself in their positions when writing the song. I love that a song like this is relatable to many people because everyone has experienced a form of heartbreak some point in their lives.”

The singer worked with co-writer and producer Daniel Baron on the track and together, they came up with a song that’s both powerful lyrically and that draws influence from some of her favourite pop musicians in the music space today. “This was my first time working with Daniel and it was a great experience,” Marianthe says. “I wanted to create a pop song which blended a bit of a theatrical influence because performing arts is a passion of mine. So, Daniel and I approached this song with the style of Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande mixed with some influence of Clean Bandit – an act who is widely known for their use of violins and cellos in their pop hits. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from our songwriting sessions and we were able to create a song I’m so proud of very quickly.” Daniel adds that “Marianthe is a force to be reckoned with. Although she is only 18, Her diva-like vocals can be compared to that of an industry veteran.”

‘Me & Myself’ is a formidable introduction to the pop star and is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it, HERE…

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