Okay, okay I have to let out my secret! After soooo many people asking me what I have done to lose all the weight – what exercise/eating plan/personal trainer etc am I using – I can finally share now that the product is officially here in South Africa!

My go-to energy peeps – Vitafuzion who come to me every month to administer an IV drip filled with nutrients and vitamins, now have an awesome piece of weaponry in their artillery – their Weight Loss Treatment drips.

The series of 4 drips are administered on a weekly basis for 4 weeks and contain a concentrated dose of weight loss amino acid Carnitine which basically helps to speed up weight loss and fat burning. Carnitine transports fatty acids into the power-house cells of the body – the mitochondria and it is here that the fatty acids are used up as energy.

Other than promoting weight loss and enhancing fat burning, Carnitine increases endurance, prevents muscle damage, boosts brain functioning and regulates blood sugar levels – and the fact that Vitafuzion comes to your home or office is a huge plus if you have a busy schedule like me.

Using these drips I personally lost 5.2 kgs in 4 weeks – but the biggest loss for me was the centimetres, which saw me losing 20 centimetres around my arms, thighs, waist, hips and bust. The change was incredible – and honestly, for me, it’s not the kilograms but how my body looks – and to date, I have not put the weight/centimetres back on (about 2 months have elapsed now).

I would highly recommend these drips for those struggling to get over that diet ‘hump’ – you know where you are hanging at the same weight for a few weeks, no matter what you do.

The drips are accompanied by a 1200 daily calorie diet, and water intake should be over 2 litres a day, exercise also helps. To be honest, I stuck to the calories but certainly not the water or exercise bits – and I still say staggering results – I would highly recommend these drips to everyone! The cost for the 4 drips is R 6500 including the nurse coming to your home to administer them.

Thank you Vitafuzion for always keeping me healthy and happy!

Find out more on their website here…

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