Well done to well known local bath and shower product range, Rain – who have just launched their very first skincare range this month. I love the sleek silver and matt black and white packaging and the fact that the range can be used by any type of skin under the sun, male or female and any ethnicity too.

These natural skin care products harness the power of wild harvested African botanicals integrated with probiotics to maintain skin health and have been launched in South Africa, Ireland and the USA.

The range includes natural cleansers, toners, serums and creams that are suitable for every step in one’s daily skincare regimen, and is naturally fragranced with essential oils and has been specially formulated to maintain and support your natural skin structure while being gentle on the skin.

All the products in this range have been formulated to synergistically work together to create an ideal skincare routine for all ages. It is suitable for sensitive skin, specifically sensitivity resulting from stress, environmental factors (weather, pollution), harsh chemical ingredients, and genetics.

After three years of research and innovation, this product range is handcrafted in Swellendam, South Africa, whilst adhering to World Fair Trade Organization-principles and RAIN’s ethos of not using synthetic chemicals or animal products.

“By using wild harvested African plant extracts and oils integrated with probiotics, this skincare range is a natural alternative to achieve glowing, healthy and balanced skin”, says Dr. Sansha Coetzee, Head of Innovation at RAIN.

Find out more on their website here…

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