In what can only be described as a world first OWay (Organic Way) are breaking boundaries and shattering ceilings like no other hair care brand – and I LOVE it!

OWay is an Italian hair care brand that combines a professional product line with biodynamic, organic and fair-trade ingredients that means perfect health for your scalp and hair. And no damage to the environment, which I just adore and often advocate quite vocally.

Only the most effective extracts are chosen to be mixed into blends in the OWay laboratory to guarantee quality results, in compliance with our values. Other raw materials are added to OWay’s prized active ingredients, selected following the principles of green chemistry. Ingredient after ingredient, we choose only those actives suitable for each formulation and each purpose, discarding toxic or aggressive chemical substances and focusing on naturally-derived raw materials. This means our goal, of pursuing a healthy and positive way of life, truly starts with our treatment line formulations.

The range is founded on stringent and ethical production principles, the 100 per cent high-quality formulas in the range have been designed to transform hair in the most pure and natural yet effective way possible. OWay is a holistic and utterly sustainable range; the use of certified natural and organic raw materials obtained through fair trade, lend themselves to green chemistry completely.

OWay is the first hair and scalp treatment line to use essential oils and pure micronized plants from biodynamic farming, this means revolutionary care for the consumer. Biodynamic farming is a step ahead of organic practices as the holistic approach to harvesting ingredients results in zero chemical use, maintains soil fertility and focuses on a harmonic relationship between people, plants and animals.

A treatment line of professional formulas with specific ingredients that have been carefully studied to meet the needs of scalp and hair in a customised manner, OWay is designed to be prescribed by hair stylists in a quality salon environment (as well as used as a homecare range).

As OWay is a holistic brand, we are conscious of ethical, sustainable and safe practices throughout the organisation. Formulations are housed in an amber glass and packed into aluminium boxes. Doing so ensures ingredients within the formulations will be preserved as perfectly as possible, keeping quality, hygiene, naturalness and transparency intact. Packaging is entirely sustainable and can be recycled over and over again and of course, OWay encourages reuse of its packaging, both in salons and at home.

I am loving the fresh smell and the entire organic feel and ethos of the product. From a cost perspective, they are mid-range in pricing in my opinion –

OWay Frequent Use Conditioner – 240ml R375.00
OWay frequent use hair & scalp bath – 240ml R355.00

OWay SA website is still under construction, but I will update this article once it is up and running.

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