Another incredible young South African artist who is doing amazing things! Josh is a mere 16 years old, but his name on everyone’s lips right now as he launches his brand new single ‘Ablaze’.

The South African singer-songwriter made his music debut to critical acclaim in 2018 with his first single ‘Falling Apart’. The song was featured on Apple Music’s ‘Future Hits’ playlist and received ample airplay on SA radio stations.

A force to be reckoned with, the youngster has an entourage of supportive family and friends, while steadily establishing himself among local audiences. His aim is to build longevity and excellence in his career through various collaborations with SA’s top musicians.

‘Ablaze’ was produced by the formidable Daniel Baron, whose songs have charted on various stations across the country and there is no doubt that this track will follow suit.

Alluding to his relationship with Daniel Baron and the production process, Josh adds, “Daniel is such a charismatic guy. He was dancing to the beat, and he gets so invested in the project. It’s really admirable and you can tell straight away that music is almost a physical part of him. I think that’s the reason we connected so well.”

The song is packed with groovy drums, a rich bass line, and crystal clear guitar and vocals. It shares a very personal story about how one true passion can really set you on fire, beautifully constructed into a love story.

Listen or stream it here…

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