The award-winning American single-estate and single-barrel ‘farm to glass’ craft rum has arrived in South Africa!

Richland Rum, a family-owned rum from Georgia have been making rum for the past 20 years, using two varietals of sugar cane grown in the sandy soils of the Richland Estate, distilling in copper pots and using oak barrels for maturation.

The terroir at Richland – sun-drenched skies and summer rains – creates the optimal growing environment for the raw ingredients, “the stage on which the Richland Orchestra will compose its masterpiece”, according to Ludgero da Cruz and Douglas Oberwortmann, owners of Covert Distributions who are responsible for bringing the brand to South Africa.

“Richland Rum is a family-run business, where years of tradition have created authenticity, and this was recognised by Forbes awarding the title of The Best American Rum for 2018 to the Richland Rum Cask Strength,” da Cruz says.

Each bottle of Richland Rum comes with a tag noting its origins – barrel and bottle number and the year it was created. “The term single estate represents the mantra of field to glass – every step of the rum making process is conducted within the same estate, no outside products or ingredients are used,” Oberwortmann says.

Richland Rum practices ultra-high sustainability farming methods as part of their farming practice, which comes not as a cost-saving exercise but with a desire to protect the available resources.

Four expressions of Richland Rum are now available in South Africa – Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum, Old South Georgia Rum, Chateau Elan Port Cask Exchange and Old South Georgia Rum Terrapin Double IPA Cask Exchange.

The rums can be enjoyed at Cause|Effect and the Athletic Social Club in Cape Town and are sold at selected retail outlets including Norman Goodfellows and Bar Keeper.

RSP: R830 Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum
RSP: R945 Old South Georgia Rum
RSP: R1230 Chateau Elan Port Cask Exchange and Old South Georgia Rum
RSP: R1230 Terrapin Double IPA Cask Exchange.

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